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Protecting Real People

in Real Time.


Our Focus is Making Streets Safer

Sentinel is a Leading-Edge Provider of Active Transportation Safety Technology

Sentinal Transportation Systems ("STS") was created to make streets safer for all neighborhoods through the application of real-time information when coupled as an accessory to existing infrastructure.


Our patented STS Shield System turns passive lights into active alarms that are received immediately by your Department of Transportation ("DOT"). This ensures any necessary repairs are made as soon as possible, aiding in the prevention of related traffic incidents.




The Story

We Found a Problem and Fixed It.

STS's roots are in underserved areas not receiving the proper service needed when there is a turn-head situation in their area. The citizens have been relied upon as the safety "alarm" for the Department of Transportation ("DOT"), but the residents of these areas, in particular, are less likely to make that call.


When founder, Scott Bradley, a Los Angeles DOT TSR and master electrician, noticed that by the time the DOT was finally notified, the turnaround on turn-head service calls was weeks instead of days or hours. The longer it takes to correct these safety issues, the chance of an accident occurring increases dramatically. This results in unnecessary expense to city budgets, and even worse, innocent lives.

Scott knew he had to find a way to remove the public as a notification system, which was proving heavily flawed and potentially costly and dangerous. He conceived and developed an active sensor that could send an alarm to the DOT electronically when turn-head activity occurs providing the opportunity for the issue to be fixed right away. This concept and in turn product proved to be a winner when a 6-week municipality trial lasted more than a year and had a 99.9% success rate, showing new response times of about one hour as opposed to the previous 3 weeks.


Since then, STS has continued to grow year after year and in 2020, STS was able to onboard a new partner, Ben Reynolds, to help manage the company's newfound success in a dual role as the CFO/COO; and has partnered with Vision Zero Network, an organization that is working and pushing to have zero traffic deaths by 2035.


Here's How STS Works

How it Works STS-2.jpg

The STS system decreases repair lead time from an average of two to three weeks to ONE HOUR.



Letter of Recommendation from The Mayor's Office

From the Office of Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, California

Written by Sean Skehan, P.E., Principal Transportation Engineer

February 18, 2020

Sentinel Transportation Systems, LLC

417 E Front St

Covina, CA 91723

To whom It may concern:

Over the past year, Sentinel Transportation Systems, LLC and the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation have partnered to produce the first deployment of the STS Shield System. We deployed 23 units across 11 intersections and successfully recorded at least one turned signal head at all intersections, while the most active sensor saw over 12 turned heads without failure. At the conclusion of this deployment, we have determined that the STS Shield System exceeded all expectations. The STS Shield System has helped identify and greatly reduce the response time to address turned signal heads. The STS Shield System performed flawlessly, reporting zero false calls, while successfully reporting over 50 turned heads to date. The STS Shield System is a worthwhile investment that has a positive impact on public safety. 



Sean Skehan, P.E.

Principal Transportation Engineer


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